18 04 2009

Anatomically very ‘interesting’ version of Yoshi. Probably designed as an icon for their healthy and nutritious enrichment of global eating culture, comes this extra slim version of Mario’s most loyal ally.

From McDonald’s Happy Meal (1997)


Retro Yoshi

12 04 2009

No saddle and hardly a back to ride on. This must be Yoshi in a rather, let’s say, underdeveloped stage. Maybe he just hatched.

(Nintendo – old)

Season Yoshi

5 04 2009

That’s not hunting season actually. This rather festive specimen of the Yoshi race usually only appears around Christmas.

Super Mario Bros. Christmas Ornament -2008

Mario and his sunshine

29 03 2009

Look! Over there. It is Shadow Mario. Let’s spray him.

From the GamePro Presents series: Super Mario Sunshine (Joyride Studios)

Fat errr…tall Yoshi

26 03 2009

This rather big (8”) iteration of Yoshi is probably him in between adventures since his frame looks a tad round. Too many Goomba’s for lunch we reckon…

From the DX Super Mario Characters Sofubi Series 4 (Banpresto – 2007)

Pink Yoshi

12 03 2009

We always imagined Pink Yoshi to be, how can we say it, more pink. It seems this one though is suffering from an anemic condition.

From the DX Super Mario Characters Sofubi series 4 (Banpresto -2007)

8 03 2009